Daiwa 18 Saltist 20H

kr 3 549,00

With its 100% aluminium digitally machined body, the Saltist baitcasting reel has been designed for fighting big fish. The carbon disc ATD drag is both progressive and powerful while the corrosion resistant CRBB bearings guarantee the durability of the mechanism. This ratio cranks back an impressive 1-1.2mm of line per turn, with the decentred axis of the right handle improving balance on the retrieve. The low leg on the reel allows you to enclose it in your palm for a very secure hold. The reel can be used for trolling, trailing live bait in the current or deep jigging.

  • Strong, Compact and Light
  • Suited to line classes from 15 to 50lb mono or braid to 100lbs
  • Up to 25lbs Drag
  • Constructed from machined aluminium
  • 4 CRBB ball bearings and a roller bearing
  • Anodized for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Extremely smooth freespool
  • Centrifugal Breaking System for control and longer casts
   Modell       Utv     Lager    Linekapasitet   Vekt  Brems
    20H 6,4:1/100cm    4CRBB 0.32mm/370m   445g   8kg