Waterworks Cobalt HD 8

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A bolt from the blue, Cobalt is a big game powerhouse of a reel packed with technical breakthroughs that’ll change the game when fly fishing for
salmon or charting the flats. Cobalt features a dual-axis machined frame that dramatically strengthens the side that bears the most load. The foot is embedded—rather than perched—atop the reel to effectively transmit force and distribute weight. The large arbor spool is also machined with many subtle asymmetries that bring perfect balance without a counterweight.

  • Format: Large Arbor
  • Materials: Machined Aluminum,
    stainless steel
  • Finish: Micralox
Item Diameter Width Weight Rod wt Line capacity
Cobalt HD 8 108mm 25mm 170gr WF8 250 yds 20#
Cobalt HD 10 115mm 27mm 301gr WF10 250 yds 30#
Cobalt HD 12 121mm 32mm 323gr WF12 250 yds 30#